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Cold storage installed cooler is outdated

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Cold storage is installed in many countries, and many of them are used as cooling fans. Many fresh storage, cold storage, and low-temperature freezer will use cooling fans to cool down.

The main advantage of the chiller is its low cost and easy installation, making it the first choice for many merchants.


In the cold storage installation industry, the use of chillers is very high, mainly used for preservation, refrigerated warehouses, high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature cold storage construction, fresh storage warehouses are mainly used for storage, fruits, vegetables, medicines, bananas, cold drinks, food, aquatic products, kitchens. , hotels, canteens, vegetable markets, greenhouses, flowers, poultry, livestock and other uses.


With the advancement of the times and the maturity of technology, energy conservation has become the trend of the modern industry. Now the cooling machine in the cold storage is only used for fresh storage warehouses. The low temperature cold storage has eliminated the cooling machine. Because of energy conservation and environmental protection, (China) rapid wind cooling, energy saving The custom aluminum tube replaces the air cooler. The advantage of the aluminum tube is obviously higher than that of the air cooler. The aluminum profile has a fast cooling temperature, a good temperature, and the humidity will not drop significantly. The cooling fan adopts air supply and cooling, which will reduce the moisture in the cold storage and cause quality to the food. Decrease, save time is shortened.


Air-conditioner, full-name evaporative cooler, also known as chiller, chiller is divided into refrigeration industrial chiller and household chiller, industrial chiller is generally used in cold storage, cold chain logistics and refrigeration environment, domestic chiller is also called water-cooled air conditioning, It is an evaporative cooling and ventilating unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dust prevention and deodorization. The dry chiller is commonly used in industry. It relies on air passing through the evaporative exhaust pipe in the chiller to cool the forced air outside the pipe. It is installed in the floor of the cold storage, called the floor-standing chiller; it is installed on the top of the warehouse, called the top type chiller.


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Cold storage installation needs to seek professional installation company. The quality of refrigeration engineering is not only the equipment materials, but also the installation technology is critical. It is an invisible risk.