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Construction standards and usage of refrigerated warehouses

Refrigerated warehouses are also called warehousing. Each country has a different name. For example, China is a cold storage, the Philippines is called a cold storage warehouse, and some countries are called cold storage rooms and cold storage rooms. They are all warehouses that use cooling facilities to create suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. It is a place for processing and storing agricultural and livestock products. As the main link of cold chain logistics, it provides a good environment for the development of fresh and frozen commodities.

Fresh and frozen foods have great potential for development, and freezers are the foundation and core of their development. Establishing a sound cold chain logistics system with cold storage as the core can ultimately guarantee the safety and quality of food. Cold chain logistics is a socialized system engineering that promotes the development of third-party integrated cold chain logistics enterprises and strengthens cooperation among enterprises. At any time in society (the rapid development of cold chain logistics industry 0, the scale of some cold storage is also expanding, the management of warehouse is an important part of cold storage management. In the cold storage management system, multiple warehouses and positions are set, each position can be Specific to each customer's goods, the storage capacity of the cold storage warehouse and the position will be more clear. The customer's goods are placed according to a certain law, then, when entering and leaving the warehouse, it will be convenient and fast. The orderly storage of goods facilitates warehouse managers to clearly understand the storage status of each warehouse and position, and fully improve the utilization rate of cold storage warehouses. The increase in warehouse utilization rate will increase the profit income of the rental business of cold storage enterprises more efficiently. .

The multi-warehouse and multi-position management mode, combined with the use of the cold storage management software system, reformed the traditional warehouse management ideas and more adapted to the development trend of modern warehouse management. The rational and standardized management of warehouses and warehouses reflects the advanced management level of cold storage enterprises, and thus effectively improves the service quality of enterprises.

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Our cold storage management system is specially developed for the cold storage industry. It is very suitable for use in the cold storage industry. In the business, the storage, storage, transfer, transfer, warehouse storage, refrigeration charges, handling fees, disposal, etc., the system can automatically Calculation, improve work efficiency, and accurate data.

For popular use, the cold storage is a warehouse that maintains a stable low temperature for storing frozen food. Warehouse leasing can reduce the cost of cold storage in cold chain logistics.   In fact, the cold storage is widely used in the industries related to our daily life: for example, various types of fruits and vegetables, frozen and frozen foods, medicine, flower seedling cultivation, and cold storage of various types of equipment.

The application of cold storage in fruits and vegetables is relatively more extensive. After putting grapes, apples and garlic moss into the fresh-keeping cold storage for several months, the quality is still fresh and fresh, and the total loss is less than 5%. Usually, the price of fruits and vegetables is very cheap, and the price can be doubled before and after the Spring Festival. It has been put into a cold storage and has a service life of at least 15 years. It can be said that it was invested in the same year and it was effective in the same year. The ordinary fresh-keeping cold storage is simple in operation and convenient in maintenance. The refrigeration equipment is mostly controlled by microcomputer, and can be automatically turned on and off. It does not need special supervision, and is economical and practical. Therefore, the application of fresh-keeping cold storage in fruits and vegetables is the most extensive type of cold storage.

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The logistics cold storage also has great advantages in the future, and it bears the brunt of the increasingly perfect cold chain logistics system. At present, a complete and independent cold chain system has not yet been formed, and the degree of marketization is low. Therefore, a food refrigeration supply chain is established to purchase, process, store, transport and sell perishable and fresh food from the production area to all aspects of the consumer. They are all in a standard low temperature environment to ensure the quality of food, reduce unnecessary losses, and prevent food deterioration and pollution. This series of mature cold chain systems is very urgent.

Of course, it is impractical to carry out large-scale renovation in a short period of time. In terms of limited resource utilization at this stage, each conditional refrigeration and refrigeration enterprise can take out some limited space and transform it into a distribution center of each fresh supermarket to form a frozen The joint operation mode of refrigerated enterprises, supermarkets and chain enterprises. In the entire cold chain, the size and quality of cold storage in the source of food production is the highlight.

Fruit and vegetable production areas should focus on the construction of air-conditioning cold storage, the scale should be combined with large, medium and small, and it is appropriate to develop medium-sized.

The construction of the air-conditioning warehouse should promote the pre-production, and promote the air-conditioning facilities such as plastic film, greenhouse, large account, silicon window, plastic film and small packaging as soon as possible, which should be the focus of recent development.

In countries with more developed economies, it is advisable to develop medium-sized cold storage, establish a frozen food storage wholesale market, and improve community-based distribution points.

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The application of cold storage engineering in the cold chain should be combined with informationization and automation technology, widely used in the automatic control of the entire refrigeration system, improve the rate of incoming and outgoing and management, strengthen the upgrading of the refrigeration and refrigeration industry, and extend the industrial chain. Improve the efficiency of the cold chain.

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