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Longchuan cold storage installation and construction refrigeration equipment energy-saving technolog

Longchuan cold storage installation and construction refrigeration equipment energy-saving technolog

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Longchuan City Cold Storage Installation and Construction Company, the latest research and development of innovative technology, energy-efficient, energy-saving more than 50%, for the original low-temperature refrigerators energy-saving system, in Beijing is well recognized by customers.

The construction of large-scale cold storage is a large-scale enterprise in Nanyang City. The demand for large-scale and industrialized groups is small because of the use, large volume and turnover. Small cold storage is not enough. Cold storage is mainly reflected in cold chain logistics, aquatic products wholesale market and farmer trade. Market, food processing, refrigeration plants, hospitals, industry and other fields, is the choice of large customers.

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Longchuan cold storage installation manufacturers manufacture or develop cold storage for many industrial units such as chemical, commercial, food and pharmaceutical. Cold storage is a form of storage in a refrigerated form that is used to maintain different foods such as dairy products, meat, poultry products, fruits, fresh vegetables, and many other edible products without spoiling or rot. It is important that the goods sold are of a damaging nature or have a shorter life. The cold storage is called the deposit system, which effectively protects the cargo from the effects of maximum temperature fluctuations. Keeping fresh and preserves helps maintain the full quality of the food. These warehouses help protect the interests of producers and consumers and promote supply and demand satisfaction. These companies install or install refrigerators, coolers, and temperature control devices to meet the needs of many cold stores. The main purpose of the cold storage is to store materials or products at a certain cold temperature. From mechanical refrigeration systems to refrigerators, they are used for refrigeration. The organization that provides the storage system provides equipment and assists with its installation. For large warehouse refrigerators, freezers (separate systems), temperature controls and coolers can be purchased from many companies, each part being traded separately. They install refrigerated compartments for freezer and freezer applications, including a walk-in warehouse refrigerating compartment, commercial refrigerating compartment, portable anti-skid refrigerating compartment, refrigerated body and offshore refrigerated containers that can be designed or manufactured to customer-specified sizes. . According to the use and size of the refrigerating compartment, the refrigerating compartment can be divided into a warehouse refrigerating compartment and a refrigerating compartment Compared to large warehouse stores, walk-in rooms are small in size and are used primarily by retailers to store goods at fast shelf replenishment rates. Due to the small size of the room, the construction of the insulated floor is strong enough to allow the use of trolleys only and is not suitable for use as a large power unit such as a forklift. There are some rooms to choose from in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. The cold rooms are built to maintain a temperature range of 15 ° C to 40 ° C. Blast chillers and freezers are used in rapid freezing and cooling systems where the temperature of the refrigerating compartment needs to be reduced from room temperature to -40 ° C in a few hours

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Longchuan City (thanh phố Long Xuyen) belongs to Anjiang Province, under the jurisdiction of 2 cities and 9 counties, the provincial capital is located in Longchuan City. Longchuan City (thanh phố Long Xuyen) Zhuxi City (thị xã Châu Đốc) An Phu Zhou Fu County (Châ u Phu) Zhoucheng County (Châ u Thanh) New City (Chợ Mới) Fuxin County (Phu Tân) Xinzhou County (Tân Châu)Tangshan County (Thoại S

Ơn) Tri Tôn, Tịnh Bien.

Longchuan City is located 1950 kilometers south of the capital Hanoi, 189 kilometers southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, and 45 kilometers (linear distance) from the border with Cambodia. It is adjacent to Zhoucheng County in the northwest, Xinshi County in the northeast, Kudu County in the south, and Xiangshan County in the west.

Ping fang (Phường Bình hc) Pingqingfang (Phường Bình Khánh) Dongchuanfang (Phường Đông Xuyên) Meipingfang (Phường Mỹ Bình) Meihefang (Phường Mỹ Hòa) Meilongfang (Phường Mỹ Long) Meifufang (Phường Mỹ Phước)Phường Mỹ Xuý (Phường Mỹ Thạnh) Mei Tai Fang (Phường Mỹ Thới) Mei Chuan Fang (Phường Mỹ Xuyên)

Meihe Xingshe (Xã Mỹ Hòa Hưng) Meiqing Society (Xã Mỹ Khánh)

Cold chain transport and refrigeration in Vietnam are the two main components of the cold chain industry. During 2015, cold chain transportation gained about 5% of the revenue in the cold chain market in Anjiang Province and has therefore dominated. On the other hand, during 2015, refrigeration gained about 8% of the cold chain market. It is believed that in the Ho Chi Minh cold chain market, the share of refrigeration is low, because the electricity/electricity costs of the Philippines have increased during this period. With the globalization of environmental protection and energy conservation, the unique energy-saving and environmental protection technologies of speed wind refrigeration are in line with Vietnam. Development planning policy.